Social media connects old acquaintances with assistance from the Citizen


This email was sent to the WM Citizen on April 1:

I am a volunteer helping with a San Francisco based Polish American web site . I would like to share with you very exciting news. An adventurous Polish couple biking around the world , after more than 25,000 miles, 5 years and 25 days, 4 continents, made it to the San Francisco Bay Area. Adela and Kris are on the way to their next destination: Alaska. For more information check out

I am really excited about the couple from Poland who is traveling around the world on their bicycles. I was hoping that you will read this short note about such unusual event and like witnessing those two people being on your local roads in Marin County and continuing their quest around the world. They will be in front of the Point Reyes Station post office around 10 am on April 2.

If you can think of any ways to spread the information about them passing by and welcoming them, just making people aware that this friendly couple is traveling on bicycles already 5 years one month and 2 days, and counting, …. would be very much appreciated. People at least can make them feel welcome by waving to them, saying hello, flashing headlights, friendly honking, etc. Attached are some pictures from their trip and myself welcoming them to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Thank you for your assistance.

Pozdrawiam ciepło i serdecznie,
Edmund Lewandowski

The Citizen posted this information on Facebook April 1st and shared with the popular face book page, Christian Anthony’s “ The West Marin Feed”, and with KWMR, where it was mentioned on air around 8 am April 2.
The morning of April 2nd Margit Pirsch of Lagunitas saw the posting with a photo on the West Marin Feed. She could not believe that Adela and Kris were passing through the area unbeknownst to her. She and her partner James Polack, also cycling through South America in 2013, had met them in Argentina a year and a half ago and camped together. Margit and James returned home a year ago and had not had any contact with Adela and Chris since. Upon seeing the facebook posting, Margit hopped on her bike, the same one which she had used on her travels, and quickly pedaled to Point Reyes Station for a very happy and unexpected reunion. There was yet another coincidence: Adela and Kris are now heading to Alaska where they hope to reach in August. Margit and James are also going to Alaska, traveling by air and returning by cycle, at the same time.
Adela and Kris stayed that night with Margit and James in Lagunitas, spending a great evening swapping travel stories.
Linda Petersen