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Art by the Bay in Marshall, California

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Art By The Bay Weekend Gallery

By Gwenda Joyce

Art galleries in out-of-the-way places are real treasures. They show the artwork and creativity of the artists in the region – artwork that reflects the aesthetics and tone of a place. For a visitor, you learn about the region in a deeper sense, through an artist’s eyes by people who take the time to ponder their thoughts and make things with their hands. By walking into a gallery, you open the door to a new experience of West Marin.

Such is the case at the Art By The Bay, Lorraine Almeida’s one-room weekend gallery at 18856 Highway One in Marshall that features paintings and framed works on paper by local artists. Herself an artist, Lorraine opened her gallery three years ago so that she could help other artists show their work. She wanted to do something for the artists, but she found that it keeps her going, too.

Having just celebrated her 79th birthday, it has been harder to get to the Bay Area to see art shows. The gallery has become a center of its own. Now people come to her.


Lorraine curates the shows by going into artists’ studios and selecting the best artworks to display. A recent show was a retrospective of works by Dr Joe Blumenthal, a cardiologist who also makes art. He showed a series of collages that look like masks, as well as abstract paintings.


The current show is by 3 artists in the Reding/Fleming family called “Mind, Myth & Matter.” This is a multi-media presentation where each artist is distinctly different and uses different media including photography, video and writing to express their ideas.


The gallery is only open on the weekends. Shows change every 2 months (the gallery is closed in January & February.) She entices them in with music performances and poetry readings and Openings where people can meet the artists. It’s educational and uplifting. Showing different kinds of art, from figurative to landscape to abstract artworks, is stimulating to the viewer.


When she’s not at the gallery, Lorraine spends her time in her own studio making her art, which she shows at other locations in the area and throughout the country. Her works seems to be inspired by another great female artist who was very connected to nature and the innate spirit of things, Georgia O’Keefe. For her 80th birthday next year, for the first time she is planning to have a show of her own work at the Art by the Bay.


For more information, go to  or call 415-663-8246 to make an appointment. Regular hours are Saturday and Sunday from 12 – 5 p.m.





Gwenda Joyce is an Art Career Coach & Agent and former gallery owner who helps artists establish and expand their art careers. She is known as the Art Ambassador for her ability to connect people with art. Gwenda recently published a chapter in “The Art Rules” and writes a weekly newsletter, The Thriving Artist. Subscribe at